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Works to the Church Spire and Roof

Works to Spire and Roof, September to December 2017 Friday 22nd September: In the first part of the summer, Stone Technical (from Darlington) repaired the spire. This involved firstly renovating the fibreglass surface of the spire and secondly, replacing the steel bolts that fixed the spire onto the metal framework of the turret. All this went as planned. Furthermore, they…

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Continuing Adventures of FICO

Fico, Baba and The Spire. Fico (your friendly personification of the finance committee) is all excited and eagerly looking forward to Thursday 24th February 2017. The story begins a long time ago when Baba was about 5 years old. Baba’s family used to bring him to Our Lady of the Wayside for Sunday Mass and not long after the new…

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Finance Committee Report – Dec 16

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Finance Committee. Update 8th December 2016 Doors. The rear two sets of double doors to the car park need refurbishment as well as repairs / adjustments to at least 6 other doors on site. We have made four appointments to show door specialist around. Three have turned up and one has sent a quote. Hard work at times. Spire. We…

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Our Lady of the Wayside – History

Madonna della Strada When the clergy were looking for a site to develop a new parish at the beginning of the thirties, they came to see Heathfield a large house with out-buildings and orchards which occupied the present site of Our Lady of the Wayside. As yet no name had been decided for the new parish by the Archbishop. The…

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Prayer of the Blessing of the Icon of the Mother of God

PRAYER OF BLESSING ICON OF THE MOTHER OF GOD Lord God, we acknowledge your infinite glory and the abundance of your gifts. Before the foundation of the world, you appointed Christ the beginning and end of all things. You chose the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Mother and companion of your Son, the image and model of your Church, the…

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Latest Update

The Adventures of Fico Friday 4th November 2016 (Your friendly personification of the Finance Committee) Fico has had a busy week. First of all, he had to come and look at the leak above the organ on Friday night along with Gino the plumber. Then he turned up again on Saturday morning with Gino to go onto the church roof.…

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