Finance Committee Report – Dec 16

Finance Committee. Update 8th December 2016

Doors. The rear two sets of double doors to the car park need refurbishment as well as repairs / adjustments to at least 6 other doors on site. We have made four appointments to show door specialist around. Three have turned up and one has sent a quote. Hard work at times.
Spire. We have had scaffolding erected in the Baptistery and a first inspection from structural engineers from Arup. This involved them standing on the first level with their heads inside the “turret”. We then needed a second visit from the scaffolders who put up a second level inside the turret itself, enabling us to move the inspection hatch at the bottom of the spire itself. Initial inspection looks good but we now await the report from the second Arup inspection (which they are doing for free!)
We now have an appointment in January for a building surveyor to come and draw up a specification for the refurbishment of the spire and turret.
Front of site. We have now received proposals from three landscape architects and the finance committee has chosen what it feels are the two best designs. We now await communication from the Diocesan Historical Churches Committee as to its opinion. Their opinion is important as they act as the gate keeper to three other bodies including Solihull Council and English Heritage who must approve the works before they go can ahead.
Parish Hall Boiler Room has now been redecorated so as to be used as a (nice warm) office / interview room by the hall users.