Applying for a place at Mass

Dear Parishioners

You are invited to apply for a place at Mass this weekend.  

 [see ‘Required Information’, A or B below] 

There will be three Masses: -  

  • Saturday, at 5.30pm  
  • Sunday, at 9.00am  
  • Sunday, at 11.00am    

Places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, with priority given to those who are stewards and cleaners.    

You will be seated in the household group in which you apply so ensure that you list everyone in the household who will be attending mass together.  If you wish to apply on behalf of a different household grouping, please send a separate email.  

Most of the places are now being rapidly allocated [usually within 48 hours] so it is vital that you reply to this e-mail as early as possible to ensure a place at the Mass of your choice. The number of places is restricted because of Covid safety measures.   

If you have booked a place[s] but then cannot attend, please let us know so that the place(s) can be given to someone else.   

When booking, it would greatly help if you could put the day and time of mass in the ‘subject box’ at the head of your e-mail e.g. Subject: Mass Sunday 11.00am  

We will always confirm the designated Mass and number of seats booked.  If you have not had a reply by Friday do chase us up.    

The usual guidelines are outlined below and must be adhered to for the safety and wellbeing of all the congregation.   

Required information 

  1. If you have previously booked for Mass at OLW then we already have your contact details, so to reserve a place please reply to this email giving the following information: 
    • Which Mass: e.g. 5.30pm Saturday. 
  • Names of those from your ‘bubble’ wishing to attend. 
  • Anyone with mobility issues and what consideration they need. 
  • Indicate if you are prepared to steward and / or clean. 

***Please note – all names listed above will be seated together***  

  1. If you have NOT previously booked for Mass at OLW, we require your contact details.   

To reserve a place please reply to this email giving the following information: 

  • Which Mass: e.g. 5.30pm Saturday 
  • Name of Main Contact 
  • Main contact’s telephone number 
  • Main contact’s email address 
  • Main contact’s address, including postcode 
  • Names of all those from your ‘bubble’ wishing to attend 
  • Anyone with mobility issues and what consideration they need. 
  • Indicate if you are prepared to steward and / or clean 

***Please note – all names listed above will be seated together***   

The information you give will be securely stored as part of the parish’s index of parishioners.  Anytime you wish to be removed from our records, please email us. 

Important Information 

  1. No one will be admitted by the stewards if considered to be at risk, or a risk to others. 
  2. If either you or one of those attending with you subsequently falls ill of suspected Covid-19, please immediately contact the parish so that others sitting near you can be notified. 
  3. All attending Mass are expected to comply with the safety procedures and practices that are in operation. 
  1. Please arrive early to ensure ample time for all safety procedures to be carried out. 
  2. Toilets are not available, due to the risk of cross-infection. 
  3. Everyone is to use the hand sanitiser that is provided. 
  4. Everyone will be expected to wear a face covering all the time you are in the church covering both your nose and face unless you are medically exempt from wearing one. 
  5. Ensure social distancing at all times. 
  1. You will be guided to your seat where you shall remain for the whole of the Mass. 
  2. Households / ‘bubbles’ will be grouped together and 2m from any other bubble. 
  3. Your seating place will be denoted by a ‘guardian angel’ sign – please sit with your back to it. 
  4. Holy Communion will be brought to you in your seats.  You may use your own hand sanitiser before receiving Communion if you wish. 
  5. Stay seated at the end of Mass and you will be dismissed in an orderly fashion.  
  1. Please do not linger or congregate in the car park after Mass. 
  2. If you know of any among your family, friends or in the vicinity who may not have e-mail, please offer to send additional booking requests on their behalf. 

Our Lady of the Wayside Church566 Stratford RoadShirleyWest MidlandsB90 4AY

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