St Vincent de Paul Society need your help!

St Vincent de Paul Society. Your donations (esp. cereals, tinned meats, tinned soups, pasta, tea, coffee) for the food bank are very welcome. For a full list of what is needed, please see the list below.  For Afghan refugees, smart/casual clothes for men of working age are needed. We have now made contact with some of those hosting Ukrainian refugees in Solihull (There are at least 50 people/families opening their homes.)  The present request is for bicycles for children, teenagers and ladies.  The SVP can arrange to have bicycles serviced if needs be.  If you can help out, please email John Nolan on (Please do not bring bikes to church, as we have no place to store them.)  New members always welcome, next meeting 7.00pm Thursday 16th June in parish hall or ring John Nolan on 07400 399000.  The collection last week raised £149.89.  Thank you for your generosity.

Food items:

Dry or ‘Microwave’ Rice, Smash Potato, Cereals

Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Hot Chocolate

UHT Milk, UHT Fruit Juices

Tinned soups, esp ‘big soup’ or similar

Cup a Soups

Tinned Baked Beans and Spaghetti

Tinned meats and tinned fish

Tinned Macaroni Cheese, Ratatouille

UHT Meal Boxes

Tinned Vegetables and Pulses

Tinned Fruit and Rice Pudding

Ketchup, Vinegar, Brown Sauce

Pot Noodles, Pot Rice

Crispbreads and Ryvita


Cordials, Undiluted Fruit Squash

Biscuits, Cakes

Jam, Marmalade


Toilet Rolls

Baby wipes and toiletries

Can accept nappy packs and sacks

Family Toiletries: shower, bath gel, deod.

Men’s Toiletries: shower, shaving, deod.



Tissue packs and boxes

Ladies’ Sanitary Towels

Washing Tabs

Washing Up Liquid

Kitchen Roll

Poly Bags

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