Booking Mass at OLW

Following guidelines from the Bishops’ Conference, there is now no need to book for any of the Masses at Our Lady of the Wayside, just turn up.   

Various restrictions of ‘hands, face, space’ are no longer mandatory. However, they are recommended and the advice at OLW continues to be to:  

  • use the hand sanitiser,  
  • wear a mask (compulsory from Friday 10th December 2021)
  • keep a safe distance, 
  • be considerate of the needs of others.  
    Covid is still at large in the community so we should not be complacent. 

     The situation will continue to be monitored and any appropriate alterations made to the booking and stewarding practices at OLW should it become necessary. 

     Please note that in the next few weeks the booking system will be re-introduced for the Christmas Masses only, in order to assist with the heavy demand for places. 
     An invitation e-mail will be sent out when details are finalised. 
     Many thanks to everyone for scrupulously and good naturedly complying with the restrictions that were introduced to ensure that we could safely congregate for Mass during the Covid epidemic. 

Live streaming of Mass will continue ‘ad infinitum’ for anyone who prefers to watch Mass online.

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