Liturgical Lockdown Arrangements – November 2020

Dear Parishioners, in light of the Governments decision yesterday the following liturgy timetable via Livestream will take place at OLW. 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Exposition and Rosary 8:45am. Mass 9:15am 
Friday Exposition and Rosary 9:15am Mass 10am 
Wednesday Clergy Day Off. 
Saturday Mass 11:00
Sunday Mass 10am. 
I am grateful to Fr Emmanuel for kindly offering to help us to keep our weekly timetable. 
Funerals are permitted but with the same restrictions as before. 
Baptisms and Weddings are sadly postponed. Please do get in touch to rearrange. 
Any parishioner who feels lonely or isolated during lockdown please ring the presbytery, the parish is only a phone call away. 
Any further guidance from myself or the Archdiocese will be communicated to you. Please do share this info with parishioners not on email. Also, if you have an iPad, laptop going spare please do consider setting it up for any parishioner who may not have access to livestream Mass. 
God bless and stay safe and well, Fr Andrew