St Chad’s Santuary – Supplies are desperately needed

The Sanctuary is still providing  food to those who need it in these difficult times but unfortunately it is running out very fast.  Supplies are desperately needed.

 We appreciate that shopping is difficult for everyone at this time with long queues and restrictions on how much can be bought but we would like to put an appeal out to the whole Parish to donate whatever they feel able too.

 We are happy to collect food at our house and arrange to drop it all off at the Sanctuary.

For those confined to home we are happy to come and collect any donations.

We will of course ensure that social distancing and hygiene is adhered to so as not to put anyone at risk.

The Sanctuary needs:-

*Tinned Fish (supplies completely depleted at the Sanctuary)
*Tinned Vegetable based  soups
*Tinned tomatoes
*Tinned vegetables
*Tinned pulses such as kidney beans and chickpeas
* Tinned Fruit
* ( Women’s) Sanitary Towels
* Nappies

> Donations can be dropped off at our house

Pat and John Curran
12 Fairford Close
Solihull B91 1 JF

We are just off Prospect Lane
Please call us first to let us know you are coming 0121 744 6096

 If you need us to collect from your house please call us so that we can arrange collection with you.

A sincere thank you to everyone. I know the people of the Parish will be generous even at these difficult times.